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Nov 11, 2012 11:35pm EST
suite package for just $70,000. >> to meet obama? >> do not get to meet obama. >> the city's tour promotor destination d.c. already put up links. >> go to and find out what hotels have availability and what things are happening in the city that they can take advantage of. >> so as the stages go up once again d.c. is getting ready. will the inauguration be as big this time as last? most people think not. >> it's just the last time was the first so it's always more exciting and upbeat than the second. >> and of course the constitution says that the president must be sworn in on january 20. but that is a sunday so the president will be sworn in in a private ceremony on that day. the public event will take place on the following day which is also martin luther king day. organizers say they will be working with that theme in mind. >> some changes are already under way. over maryland executives are hoping to begin running 24 hours a day. and in order to do that roughly 1200 people will need to be hired. even creating a school to
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1